New Products

Welcome to King James Wine School, a place to taste and buy quality Spirits, Wines and Beers in North West Arkansas online or in-store.

Yes, you read that correctly, you can buy Wine online and pick it up at the store, a service I am calling “Select & Collect”. Arkansas State Law does not allow an alcoholic beverage retailer to deliver.

What about Beer and Spirits you are asking, well Arkansas State law does not allow you to purchase these products online.  What you can do is order them online and pay in store.

Top Level Education

King James Wine School is also, as the name suggests a place of education, in not just wines but also beers and spirits. The classes will be by our highly certified staff, local guest speakers and out of state Beverage owners and or makers.

The Beverage world is unique in that you can often visit the “production facilities” and meet the owners and makers. We will be offering Beverage Trips visiting breweries, wineries and distilleries (maybe cheese creameries, olive oil farms) in a specific region.