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Welcome to King James Wine School, a place to taste and buy quality Wines, Bourbons & Scotch Whisky in North West Arkansas online or in-store.

Yes, you read that correctly, you can buy Wine online and pick it up at the store, a service I am calling “Select & Collect”. Arkansas State Law does not allow an alcoholic beverage retailer to deliver.

What about Whisk(e)y you are asking, well Arkansas State law does not allow you to purchase Spirits online.  What you can do is order them online and pay in store.

Top Level Education

King James Wine School is also, as the name suggests a place of education, in not just wines but also Whisk(e)y. The classes will be by our highly certified staff, local guest speakers and out of state Beverage owners and or makers.

The classes cover wine regions, grapes, tasting techniques and Whisk(e)y in a fun and informative manner.

We also offer in home / office / sporting or social club classes / events. These are events that are again fun and informative covering a wine or Whisk(e)y topic as a stand alone or combined with a cheese or chocolate pairing or over a dinner. Please reach out to our store for more details 479-367-2682.