Balvenie “Week of Peat”, 14 year, Single Malt Scotch Whisky


This peated whisky from Balvenie has a wonderfully smoky, peaty, even meaty aroma in the glass. It delivers on these promises on the palate, too: It’s savory and smoky, and full-bodied, with hints of pear and almond to balance its assertive character. A little bit of heat lingers on finish with smoke and vanilla. It’s an excellent single malt that would be perfect for sipping by a campfire.

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The Week of Peat honors former distillery manager Ian Millar and his team who first ran a full week of peated single malt at The Balvenie back in 2002. This is a 14 year-old single malt bottled without chill-filtration at 48.3% ABV. This is one of three Stories single malts released by The Balvenie in May 2019.


Thanks to natural alchemy and centuries-old craftsmanship, The Balvenie is unique among single malts. Our whisky-making process is dedicated to maintaining the Five Rare Crafts and we are the only distillery in Scotland that still grows its own barley, uses traditional floor maltings and keeps both a coppersmith and a team of coopers on site. And of course, our Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE presides over the all-important maturation process. Making The Balvenie the most hand-crafted of single malts.


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