Berger, Kremstal Austria, Zweigelt 1L, 2018


This is an incredible value red wine that is certified sustainable by Fair’n Green. Juicy and bright, Berger’s Zweigelt is loaded with crunchy red fruit, tart cherry and cranberry. Excellent as is or served a touch cooler than cellar temperature.

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Erich Berger is a humble grower in the Kremstal, located in the village of Gedersdorf. A Majority of the vineyards that he farms are devoted to Grüner Veltliner, the principle white variety of the Danube river valley.  “Erich no doubt suffers from journalistic under appreciation compared with his immediate neighbors” writes David Schilknecht in Vinous. Erich has become an ambassador for sustainable agriculture, becoming a member of Fair’n Green, a sustainable organization with members in France, Germany and Austria.


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