Bründlmayer Extra Brut Reserve, Austria


Wine Enthusiast 91/00:
Restraint on nose and palate gently leads to citrussy concentration. This is a classy, concentrated selection, with a backbone of fine acidity and very fine, persistent bubbles—both are the must-have attributes of a good apéritif. The long, dry finish will impress those in the know.

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Bründlmayer Extra Brut Reserve

Grapes are selected in September, when acidity and maturity have reached their perfect point for the base wine for our sparkling production. These grapes are sourced from different chalky parcels in our vineyards which lends the wine freshness and while most of the sites are southeast facing slopes, the wine also receives warmth. The harvested grapes are transported in small cases directly into the cellar, where they are very gently and carefully pressed.
In the traditional regions of origin, particularly dry sparkling wines are servicing an increasing number of bubbly-lovers who like to indulge in purism. Even more so than the classic Brut, with its fine dosage that rounds and enriches the taste, the Extra Brut reflects the character of the grapes and the soil.
It ferments in stainless steel where it also undergoes malolactic fermentation before being racked into used 300 l (or 2500 l) Austrian oak barrels with about 10% of the lees.
In the following year, the base wine is bottled together with some sugar and yeast for the secondary fermentation. During the month-long process of remuage the sediment that forms during secondary fermentation is maneuvered
into the neck of the bottle and up against the cork through riddling from time to time by hand. After prolonged elevation on the yeast the bottles are disgorged.


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