Cottanera Etna Bianco DOC, Contrada Cottanera & Diciassettesalme, Carciante, 2019

Wine & Spirits (90)- “Scents of apple blossoms lead into flavors of crisp apple, lime and Asian pear in this bright, saline wine; hints of white pepper emerge on the clean, mineral finish.”


The history of Cottanera began in 1962 with Francesco Cambria when, as a retreat from his career in Messina, he purchased 100 hectares (247 acres) of vineyards and hazelnut groves near his birthplace in Randazzo, Siciliy, at the foot of Mount Etna. Francesco grew hazelnuts and initially sold his grapes to the local cooperative, but with the implementation of DOC status for Etna wines in 1968 and a drop in the hazelnut market, he soon decided to focus his attention on growing grapes for bulk wine production, replanting the hazelnut groves to vines.

In the vineyards almost all the work, including the harvest, is done by hand. For us, making wine means respect for the land, trying to make the most of its potential without ever changing it. We employ whole Sicilian families, in particular women that, according to the Etna?s tradition, have the right gentleness in taking care of the vineyards. This knowledge is handed down from generation to generation.

A pure expression of Mt. Etna, the Etna Bianco is 100% Caricante, an ancient Sicilian white grape variety, thought to have been growing on the volcanic slopes of Mt. Etna for at least a thousand years. Planted at high altitudes on the steep slopes of Mt. Etna, the grapes ripen slowly and steadily throughout the long growing season. On the nose, the Etna Bianco is bursting with citrus notes of lemon and cedar with orange blossom and jasmine. A full-bodied palate is supported by the marked acidity typical of this variety, imparting freshness and a long finish.

Vineyard:Contrada Cottanera e Diciassettesalme, Castiglione di Sicilia

Maturation in stainless steel on yeast for about 6 months, followed
by aging in bottle.


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