Domaine Laroche Vielle Voye, Chablis, Bourgogne, 2016


Tasting Notes: Vieille Voye is a and well-exposed terroir. A balance between acidity and soft fruit, with an intense and salty finish.

Food Pairings: Shellfish, crab, and lobster.

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About: One man, one plot: There are more than 30 people who are dedicated to caring for the 90-plus hectares (222.39 acres) of Domaine Laroche vineyards, with each person responsible for only one plot. This tailor-made approach allows them to manage the vineyards with precision, speed and accuracy. Everyone at Domaine Laroche practices “lutte raisonne’e,” or “reasoned protection,” (using chemical intervention only when required): The vineyard is plowed to aerate the soil and encourage the development of the root system, as well as the organic life in the soil. Vines are pruned and trained by hand, with a strict pruning and de-budding regimen. Leaf plucking occurs to aerate the canopy and avoid the development of botrytis, while trellising aerates the grapes and provides them with favorable exposure.


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