Heidi Schrock Burgenland, Austria Weissburgunder, Pinot Blanc 2016


Tasting Notes: A warm, soft, very ripe wine, bringing pear and apple flavors into a mélange of caramel and vanilla. The wine has concentration along with spice, and a rich texture.

Food Pairing: Rich fish (salmon, tuna etc), Shellfish, Mild and soft cheese, Cured Meat.

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About: Heidi Schr?ck took over her family winery in 1983, in the historic village of Rust situated in the province of Burgenland about 5 miles from the Hungarian border. As Heidi explains ?South-facing vineyards in a softly rolling landscape form an amphitheater around Rust on Lake Neusiedl bringing forth some of the best and most tradition-rich wines in Austria. Yearly hours of sunshine that lie much higher than the Austrian average combined with sandy soils mixed with clay and high calcium content provide the ideal prerequisites for impressive, full-bodied wines.?


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