Hourglass Estate, Napa Valley, Sauvignon Blanc, 2019


Tasting Notes: Primary aromas of lemon and lime zest, orange blossom, Granny Smith apple and faint tropical notes are followed on the palate with a layered blend of limeade, cut hay, nectarine, pineapple and vanilla bean. Barrel fermentations and lees stirring create a range of textures and mid-palate creaminess, while the bright fruit expression and wet stone minerality serve as an energetic counterpoint to the richness and texture.

Wine Making: Five contrasting vineyard sources and three distinct fermentation vessels provide a breadth of nuanced lots that create layers of complexity once blending is complete. Slow, low-temperature fermentations with regular lees stirring develops complexity, texture and depth. The component wines are assembled in varying proportions to achieve a final blend that wires richness with vibrancy and a complex array of aromas and flavors.

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About: The idea of Hourglass was born from a place, yet ultimately would become a journey of human discovery. The interplay of terroir and artistic intention yields wines of unique personality that possess an intriguing dialectic: rich with layers of concentration yet vibrant with a tensional edge; classically structured yet silky in texture; unquestionably modern but with traditional stripes.

Meeting through a tasting group of Napa’s most promising young winemakers, Jeff and Tony discovered a synergy of ideas and quickly developed a “mutual mentorship” as they call it. “We both had 20 years under our belt and had followed the pendulum swing of ripeness Napa experienced. We have learned a great deal in the process and have very clear ideas about what we want to retain and what we want to refine,” Jeff notes.

Jeff continues by pointing out, “We’re in a refinement phase of what we started some 20 years ago. Our objective is to farm to very precise moments when grape chemistry is in balance. The goal is not to chase some mythical ideal of a vineyard’s ‘ultimate expression of terroir,’ as if that occurs magically. The objective is to find our ultimate expression of that vineyard. Terroir is real, but it’s subject to interpretation. We drive to find a balancing point where the vineyard delivers the dialectic puzzle pieces we are looking for. If we get that right, Tony has what he needs to work his magic.”


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