Introduction to Wine, aka Wine 101, April 16th


This is the Wine 101 Wine Course that every beginner should take. It is fun, informative, and only two hours. This is your opportunity to dip a toe into wine and discover the wide array that is available to you as a consumer.
In this intro to wine class, we gently lead you through the basics of wine, looking at the different styles of wines, some of the classic grape varieties, through tasting and learning at the same time. Learn to swirl, smell, and sip wine like a pro at this fun wine tasting class. The class also introduces you to proper serving and storage, as poorly stored or served wine can spoil the wine or the evening, as well as some basic wine and food pairing principles.
Ready to dive into the wonderful world of wine? Book your Wine 101 class with the King James Wine School to get started!

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Introduction to Wine
Date April 16th
Time 6.30-8.30pm
Cost $60.00
Location: King James Wine School



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