Kellerei Kaltern Quintessenz Kalterersee (Schiava) Classico, Alto Adige, 2017


Special edition from CK. Varietal(s): 100% Schiava, brilliant, deep ruby red ; fruit dominant nose reminiscent of cherry, raspberry, and strawberry, with a hint of bitter almonds ; full, soft structure, pleasant, elegant tyearsnes give the wine length, finishes with a lingering echo of ripe fruit; ideal as an aperitif, an accompaniment to appetizers, or to typical Tyrolean fare such as speck and sausage, but also to lighter meats and mild cheeses.

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Schiava red grape is a local grape in Alto Adige.

Cantina Kaltern has a long history. It took more than a century for our winery to become what it is and what it stands for today: professionalism, passion, a shared community, experience and the highest quality standards.

Today, Cantina Kaltern is one of the principal wineries of Alto Adige, and Kaltern itself is proud of its reputation as the most popular and best-known wine village in the region. But Kaltern is not only a special corner of the world for wine lovers and connoisseurs from near and far; village life revolves around wine. Wine sets the stage here; it is a source of employment and also of pride for the villagers and wine growers.

Wine is the mission in life for many people here, one that they pursue with great passion – be it in the vineyard, in the cellar, in restaurants and bars, or in retail. In Kaltern, wine is first and foremost synonymous with enjoyment and quality. But what makes this village on the shores of Alto Adige’s largest natural lake and its wine so unique is the community behind it – the spirit, the euphoria, and the shared aspiration to draw the attention of the whole world to the wine, the village and to the natural beauty of Kaltern. In this context, Cantina Kaltern has an eminent role to play and can rely on what makes it special: consistent quality through a united effort. Schiava red grape is one of the best grapes in this region.

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