Nikolaihof Gelber, Wachau, Austria, Muskateller, 2018


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About: 63 A. D. The foundations of the estate date back to the Roman fort Favianis. 470 A. D. Saint Severin retires to the “Weingebirge” (‘wine hills’) for prayer. 777 A. D. Nikolaihof is given to Kremsm?nster Abbey as a gift to celebrate its foundation. In the 10th century it is taken over by the monastery St. Nikola of Passau. 985 A. D. A synod takes place in the Roman Agapitus Basilica at Nikolaihof, under Bishop Pilgrim of Passau. 11th – 12th century The Agapitus Chapel is built by the Augustiner Chorherren of the monastery St. Nikola on the ground walls of the former basilica. It still dominates the Nikolaihof courtyard today. 1803 Secularisation of Nikolaihof. 1894 Anton and Anna Saahs acquire the estate. 1971 Start of biodynamic cultivation under Nikolaus and Christine Saahs. 2005 Nikolaihof is passed on to the next generation, Nikolaus Saahs Jr. The present appearance of Nikolaihof dates back to those centuries. The remains of the ancient Roman fortification can still be encountered throughout the entire estate.


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