Pio Cesare Cortese De Gavi, Piedmonte, 2016


Wine spectator 89/00: An earthy aroma gives way to apple, melon, almond and straw flavors in this expressive white. Firm and chalky on the lingering finish.

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About: Pio Cesare has been producing wine for more than 100 years and through generations. The tradition began in 1881, when Pio Cesare started gathering grapes in his vineyards and purchasing those of some selected and reliable farmers in the hills of Barolo and Barbaresco districts.

Our Family owns about 70 hectares (173 acres) of vineyards with great exposures in the most highly rated regions of Piemonte.

The location of our vineyards in a variety of areas was not chosen randomly, but was determined by our strong belief in blending the different characteristics of each vineyard and region in order to produce wines that represent the styles of each appellation terroir as a whole, instead of individual sites.

This was the classic method of producing Barolo, Barbaresco and the other classic wines at the end of the 19th century and it still remains our Family’s philosophy, today and in the future.


Barolo region

In the Barolo region we own 31.78 hectares (78,53 acres): 20.69 hectares (51,13 acres) of them planted with Nebbiolo for Barolo.

Barolo region

total: 15,22 hectares (37,61 acres)

total: 9,70 hectares (23,97 acres)

total: 2,30 hectares (5,68 acres)

total: 3,65 hectares (9,02 acres)

total: 0,92 hectares (2,27 acres)

Barbaresco region

In the Barbaresco region we own 26,90 hectares (66,47 acres): 14,04 hectares (34,69 acres) of them planted with Nebbiolo for Barbaresco.

Barbaresco region

total: 21,58 hectares (53,32 acres)

total: 5,32 hectares (13,15 acres)

Other vineyards

In addition we own 10,35 hectares (25,58 acres):

Other vineyards

total: 1,83 hectares (4,52 acres)

total: 3,97 hectares (9,8 acres)

total: 0,59 hectares (1,46 acres)

total: 3,96 hectares (9,78 acres)


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