Ronchi di Pietro, Fruili Colli Orientali, Friuli, Italy, Pinot Grigio, 2018


Delicate and fruity with distinguished notes of apple and acacia flowers. Ideal as an aperitif. Excellent with light appetizers, soups, egg and fish dishes, shellfish and mollusks.

Pinot grigio like pinot bianco is the result of a Natural bud mutation in pinot nero. It is believed to Be an ancient variety, since traces of its cultivation date back to roman times. At the beginning of 1800 It spread to northern Italy and found favourable environmental conditions in friuli venezia giulia.
Vineyard name: “Zuc di Noax”, located in the municipality of Corno di Rosazzo

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Ronchi di Pietro winery
“put one’s heart and soul into something”: so many times we have heard this sentence and the “ronchi di pietro” family really believes in it. The deep attachment for its own territory , the love for its own job and the passion that passes on from generation to generation, combining the age-old manual skills with the modern techniques: this is ronchi di pietro.

The love For our land
Passion sometimes isn’t enough. There are some natural elements that make some products not just good, but excellent.

Nature plays an important role: the colli orientali del friuli zone is a unique terroir in terms of geographical position and natural suitability for winegrowing. Indeed, everything here, from climate to exposure and soil, is absolutely ideal for cultivating vines and making incomparable wines.

The Colli Orientali del Friuli zone lies between the Julian Alps, which protect it from the cold north winds, and the Adriatic Sea. It vaunts an ideal microclimate that allows gradual slow ripening of the grapes, creating that concert of fragrances, aromas and flavours that makes our wines so unique and prized.

Our winery is named after the little white church of San Pietro, built in 1522 as a place of worship and rest for pilgrims. Our family restored it and adopted it as a symbol of our tradition. Consequently, we inserted the lozenge decorative motif and crest of our beloved little church, in the Ronchi di Pietro logo, along with the symbol of the city of Cividale, ancient Forum Iulii founded by Julius Caesar, after which the region of Friuli is named.


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