Ronco dei Tassi, Collio, Friuili, “Fosarin” 2017


Tasting Notes: Fosarin is a 40-40-20 blend of Pinot Bianco, Friulano and Malvasia. Aged for six months in a combination of stainless steel and barriques, this is fresh and fruity in its youth, filling out with time in the bottle to become rich and spicy. Pinot Bianco provides backbone and finesse: Friulano the mid-palate weight and richness: and Malvasia the exotic aromatics that really drive the wine. The key here is that the Malvasia is the rare ‘Istria’ clone, completely different to the many Malvasia clones grown around the country. This is Friuli in a glass and, for the money, awesome value.

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About: Ronco dei Tassi was started as a family owned and run estate and continues as such with sons Matteo and Enrico joining the business. The estate has also grown in size. Today they own over 30 hectares (75 acres) of which 18 (45 acres) are planted to vines with the rest being left as forested land, something they consider essential because it is this relationship between cultivated land and wooded land that allows them to develop and maintain an environment where sustainable agriculture can be practiced with all the implicit benefits customers can expect. The family firmly believes that these values act as a further guarantee that will ensure, they hope, the future of their splendid territory.


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