The Bitter Sweet Reality behind these Current Wine Deals

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We love our deals but let me explain why it is Bitter / Sweet for all of us Wine Lovers.

It is a double-edged sword with severe consequences: You now love the deals, understandably, but stop buying the unique / interesting / diverse and often international wines that I sell (same as those sold in the restaurants).

The distributor then has less incentive to restock these wines going forward and our already limited selection, in the State, gets even less.

So, the next time you go to pick up that “Supermarket Wine” or your “regular” think about the ripple effect it will have on the diversity of wines at your favorite local Fine Wine Restaurants and Retailer.

The Facts behind the deals:

I receive these great wine deals because the distributors have lost the Fine Wine restaurant market due to closures and or curbside and are now restricted to 30% or 50% of capacity. For some distributors restaurants may be 40% of their business!!

What Restaurants am I referring to: Bordinos, The Hive, Preachers Son, Press Room, Bar Cleeta, River Grill, Eleven, Tavola, Table Mesa, Tusk and Trotter, Heirloom & Petit Bistro to name a few.

Lets look at some stats from XNA:
January to February 270,000 total passengers flying into XNA.
March to April 126,000 total passengers flying into XNA. March was 70,000.

Large percentage are vendors and tourists.

How many people come in and visit Crystal Bridges and now Momentary?

A large percentage of these out of town people were dining out, holding corporate events, team building, social networking, wine dinners and buying expensive and often international wines, but they are gone (and their activities) and may not come back for months.

We are not even looking at our reduction in dining out!

I have not even talked about the devastating impact this is having on the staff and owners of restaurants and how many will never open again!!

As there is no market for Fine Wine in the restaurants, the distributors need to off load excess capacity.
I then get these great deals and pass them on to you.

So please ask me to select some wines for you for your everyday purchases to your weekend / special wines.


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