King James Wine School Bespoke Wine Service

I am introducing a wine service to N.W.A. that is bespoke:

“specially made, a service, a need / purpose for an individual customer”.

This is available to all my customers.
The only commitment is you purchase wines from King James Wine School every month.

The Process:

  1. Start by consulting our staff about your wine selections / collections.
  2. With 25 years of experience I will be able to advise on your requirements and on exactly what’s necessary to build the perfect, flexible, working wine “selection” for you.

The consultation:

Schedule an appointment, or the next time you are, we will arrange a discussion on:

  1. What styles of wine do you like and are interested in discovering?
    For example, Napa, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Barolo, full bodied, lighter bodied, Sparkling, fortified, stickies etc.
  2. Have you had any thoughts about what grapes you like or work best with the food you eat?
    For example, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Nebbiolo, Gruner Veltliner, Cortese, Aligote etc.
  3. Have you had any thoughts about how much you’d like to spend, how many wines, each month or over the year?
    An upper limit or price range is helpful at this stage.
  4. What is the requirement for this service?
    Everyday drinking wines (with or without food), for dinner parties / entertaining, by the pool or the lake, creating a wine cellar, creating a space in your house to have wines on hand, as gifts, date nights or Friday night dinner with family etc.

The Result:

  1. It is a relationship that builds over time.
  2. You can trust me to know your taste, style and what suits you best. It’s the kind of service you simply can’t find elsewhere in North West Arkansas.
  3. In a very short period, I have had clients that will call and ask to have me pick them out a wine for midweek or a dinner party that weekend etc.


Final Step to getting personalized service:
Call James King at 713 882 8773
Email James King at